Nowadays when a lot of people work from home, a lot of files and folders are shared between different cloud sources.

But what happens when you need to move to a new cloud storage provider?
How would you be able to move or transfer your shared cloud files from the old cloud storage provider?

Step 1 – Register for FREE so you can start transferring the cloud files. It only takes a few minutes to complete the registration.

Navigate to the CloudSwap registration page (click here) and register for a free account with a valid email address.
Please check your mail address (and Spam folder) for the confirmation email. You’ll need it to activate your account.
If you have issues in receiving this email confirmation, please reach out to us to help you activate your account (click here)

Step 2 – Let’s move the shared folders. Select your old cloud storage provider and the new one (destination)

After you have completed the registration process and confirmed your account from the email sent to your mailbox, go ahead and log in to portal (click here) Click on the “Migration Manager” section and follow the build-in transfer wizard.

Let’s start by adding a new cloud storage provider: click on the “Add a new connector” button.

transfer shared files from Dropbox to Google Drive

Step 3 – Choose the cloud provider from where you want to move the shared files

For example, let’s select Dropbox from the cloud storage providers and click on “Authorize” to establish the link with the cloud provider (in this case Dropbox)
To create the connector, after you authenticate on Dropbox’s login page, you must accept the permissions displayed on the screen to complete the process.

authorize cloud transfer from Dropbox

Step 4 – Give it a name so we can easily identify it in the cloud migration reports.

Enter a name for your Dropbox cloud connector and click on the “Save Connector” button

Move shared folders from Dropbox to Drive

Step 5 – Adding the destination cloud connector. This will the storage destination for the shared files that you want to move.

Same as before, just select the cloud storage providers and click on “Authorize” to establish the link. For example, let’s choose Google Drive as destination cloud. After you authenticate on Google’s login page, you must accept the permissions displayed on the screen to complete the process.

transfer files from Dropbox to Google

Step 6 – Provide a name for this cloud connector as well.

move and transfer files between clouds

Step 7 – Select the source and destination cloud providers

Go back to the Migration Manager section and select Dropbox as cloud source for our migration and Google Drive as our destination

google drive migration

Now select the destination cloud storage destination for our shared files transfer, in this case, Google Drive

how to copy files from google one

Step 8 – Let’s select the shared files and folders that we want to move and copy

Make sure you enable this free migration feature by clicking on the “Migrate Shared files” switch.

how to transfer files from Microsoft OneDrive to Google Drive tutorial

Step 9 – Let’s add a name for the files migration

Add a name for your migration and click on the “Save Migration” button to continue the transfer process

How to copy files from Dropbox to OneDrive tutorial

Step 10 – Let’s start the files transfer and the migration.

Click on “Start migration” to continue. You’ll receive an email with the migration report once the transfer is finished.

How to cloud migrate from Dropbox to OneDrive
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