How to Transfer Cloud Files offers file migration services for the most popular cloud storage provides, including a Dropbox to Box transfer.

How to transfer files from Dropbox to Box?
If you are planning to migrate your data to Box, you can start transferring  your cloud files by registering for a free account here.

Step 1: Log in to to start transferring your cloud files. If you don’t have an account, create a free one here.
How to transfer and migrate data
Step 2: Add your Dropbox and Box accounts / cloud connector.

Select Dropbox from the cloud storage providers and click on “Authorize” to establish the link between and Dropbox. Once the Dropbox connector is added, go ahead and repeat the steps for the Box connector.

Add a cloud source to start the file transfer
Step 3: After you’ve added and authorized your Dropbox and Box accounts, we can start the migration between them. Click on “Start a migration”:
Start the data migration
Step 4: Select the cloud source from which you want to transfer your files. Click on Dropbox to select the migration source:
Dropbox File Transfer
Step 5: Now, select the cloud destination for your files. Click on the Box account to which you wish to transfer your files:
Select the Box cloud account to start the file transfer
Step 6: Select the folders and files you wish to transfer from Dropbox to Box:
Files and Folders Transfer from Dropbox to Box
Step 7: Provide a name for your file transfer and click “Save Migration
File migration name from Dropbox to Box
Step 8: Click on “Start Migration” to run the file transfer from Dropbox to Box
Start the file transfer and migration from Dropbox to Box
Step 9: As a final step, you can now monitor your files transfer on the “Reports” page:
Cloud file transfer reports
Cloud Data Migration, Moving and Transfering Files

SSL Secure Migration
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